Board Member Support

Board Member volunteers are most often homeowners who have a vested interest in the protection of their property values and the direction the community takes into the future. Our role as community managers is to serve the Board of Directors by bringing expertise and attention to the many facets of running a homeowner or condominium association so the Board can focus its efforts on strategic decisions and addressing the “big picture” needs of the community.

The following is a brief description of some of the services we offer to Board Members, please contact us to discuss our detailed offering.

A&M Properties handles all board meeting administration including meeting notices, preparing monthly board meeting packets and conducting meeting minutes.

We act as liaison between the Board and the association insurance broker/carrier for all insurance administration and coordination from maintaining records to filing claims.

Covenant Compliance and Design Review Control
The best way to maintain positive relations between the Board of Directors, homeowners and management is to follow the process and guidelines set forth in the governing documents, whether it be assessment collections, covenant violation enforcement or architectural review. Most homeowners aren't familiar with these documents but through consistent enforcement and communication most issues can be resolved.

We can also assist with processing of Architectural Control Requests by receiving and recording the homeowners plans, forwarding to the Board and/or Architectural Review Committee and notifying the homeowner of the decision.


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