A&M Properties provides knowledgeable and professional advice to HOAs and board members to create and maintain outstanding communities. We understand that sound financial management is key to a successful community and accommodate the varying requirements of homeowner or condominium associations by providing financial and accounting reports with clear and concise monthly information.

Budget Preparation & Funds Disbursement
Balance Sheet Preparation & Income Statements
Accounts Receivable Delinquency Follow-Up
Invoice Processing & HOA Dues/Assessment Collection
Monthly Financial Packets

Assessment Collection
Consistent homeowner payment of association fees are part of clean account ledgers. We make this process as simple and efficient as possible by offering owners multiple payment options including check, credit card, online bill-pay and recurring auto-pay.

We work together with our communities to promptly manage any delinquent assessments, while maintaining the integrity and sense of community during the process.

Accurate and timely Financial planning is essential in today's challenging economic climate. A&M is dedicated to providing you the best possible representation and management of your assets.


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